The White Teas of Clara Estrela Rego, Azores Islands, in the spotlight

A summer serie’s portrait, published by the French newspaper Le Monde, sheds light on the white tea garden grown by our member Clara Estrela Rego on São Miguel Island, Azores, on behalf of the São Miguel Agrarian Development Service of the Regional Government of the Azores.

Clara Estrela Rego (to the left) with her team, picture from the EuT Leaflet 2023.

It draws on the two centuries old history of tea growing in Azores Islands, and on the favourable conditions brought by the Southern oceanic location. It moreover pays tribute to the passionate and delicate work of Clara, year after year, portrayed as “her Majesty of white teas”. We, in EuT, couldn’t put it better!

Scientific studies document the healthy content of European Specialty Teas

A scientific team, gathered around Professor Elisabetta Damiani, from the Università Politecnica delle Marche, based in Ancona, Italy, has recently conducted two studies, to assess and compare the healthy content of European teas, originated from six different tea gardens grown by EuT members.

The presentation of the study by Pr. Damiani to EuT, october 2022

The two studies were conducted between 2021 and 2022, and focused on the health-promoting properties of the teas investigated, in terms of essential and potentially toxic elements, on one hand, and antioxydant capacities and polyphenol contents, on the other hand. Results are published, respectively in the academic journal Molecules, 2023, 28, 3802, and in Antioxydants, 2023, 12, 1306 (both papers freely available).

More insight from tea growers about the studies can be found in the recent report by Roopak Goswami in World Tea News.

Further collaborative research with EuT tea groweers is still on track. You may contact Tobias Denzler, from the Casa del Tè, for further questions.

EuT Leaflet 2023 is online!

The updated EuT Leaflet 2023 Edition presents 19 tea growers and tea makers from locations all around Europe, adding 9 tea gardens from the precedent 2021 edition!

Please get in touch with us if you would like to plan a visit with tea producers in your area, and taste what European teas have to offer. We look forward to meeting you.

Many thanks to Monica Griesbaum (Windy Hollow Farm), and Alex Ahearn (Flowers + Tea) for their diligent work, in preparing this new edition.

Vote for Casa del Tè at the Prix Montagne 2022, in Switzerland

The Casa del Tè, home of EuT’s president Tobias Denzler, is nominated for the Prix Montagne 2022, sponsored by the Swiss Moutain Aid.
Vote to support Tobias’ tea garden, located on the Monte Verità, in Ticino, a place steeped in history.

Tobias Denzler, manager of the Casa del Tè