What is the Tea Grown in Europe Association?

Over the last 150 years, there have been a number of experiments in Europe growing the Camellia sinensis plant and making tea from it. Some early experiments can be found in Portugal and France. Tea plants across the world grow under diverse geographic and climatic conditions, and at least, parts of Europe are potentially suitable for tea growing.

As an association, we want to take this further and promote the growing of tea as an economic activity. Since 2016, the association continues to grow rapidly, to include new tea planting projects and open to new members.

Current President: Lucas Ben-Moura
President’s Team: Tobias Denzler (President 2022), Monica Griesbaum (President 2021)
Founding President: Denis Mazerolle
General Secretary: Étienne Monin
Treasurer: Mylène Dupuy Alphabégoïthy

The main aims of the association are:

  • To support its members in developing know-how in growing, harvesting and processing techniques
  • To utilise the best practices for environment-friendly cultivation, harvesting, and processing
  • To develop of environment-friendly tourism on the sites where tea is cultivated
  • For members to obtain National or European recognition labels (such as the French “AOC” or the European “PDO”)
  • To protect vital botanic varieties relevant to the cultivation of tea in Europe, collected by the members

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