Growing tea in Europe has been the subject of several experiments during the past 150 years; however, up to now, it has not been sufficiently developed to constitute a significant economic activity in Europe (the most important plantations are located in the Azores, representing a few tens of hectares).

   As a matter of fact, tea is grown around the world under extremely diverse geographic and climatic conditions, thus, it seems that growing tea is feasible in many regions of Europe. Recent experiences in Scotland, France, Italy and Germany have proven so; however, the emergence of a significant economic activity would require the development of a specific know-how, not only for cultivation, but also for harvesting and processing techniques. The Association “Tea Grown in Europe” (EuT) was created in December 2016 to develop efficiently such know-how, relying on a cooperation of the different players in Europe.

 The object of the Association is to promote in Europe an economic activity domain based on the cultivation of tea plants on the European territory. This domain encompasses the whole value chain, from cultivation to transformation in marketable products.